Rules and Policies



  • Bed Layout: 1: King, 1: Queen, 2: Twins
  • NO SMOKING indoors. Village of Ruidoso will fine you $500 for putting a cigarette/cigar out on the ground or dropping it on the ground. Please use a container for your butts. We are in the forest and FIRES START VERY EASILY. 
  • QUIET TIME IS 10pm
  • Check in: 4pm
  • Check out: 10am

  • A starter supply of household cleaning and hygiene products will be available in the Property for use. Guest are responsible for purchasing any additional supplies and all food and beverages.
  • I’ve looked over my reservation confirmation and agree that all items contained within are correct including Arrival Date, Departure Date, party size, bedding configuration, etc.
  • A cancellation at any time will result in a $45 fee, and I understand that, depending on when I cancel, I may forfeit up to 100% of the total cost of the reservation if I cancel. 
  • . I have properly reported my party size. A visitor is an occupant of the Property who is not staying overnight. Visitors are not permitted to stay overnight at the property. MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PEOPLE AT PROPERTY AT ANY ONE TIME IS 10 (TEN). Any visitor staying overnight is subject to additional charges of $50 per person/per night and/or lease termination with NO REFUND! 
  • No pets allowed. If pets are found on the property a $200 non refundable fee will be taken from the deposit, unless prior approval has been acquired.
  • No smoking is allowed in the house. Please prevent any members of your party, or guests, from smoking in the house or smoking in an area where smoke may enter the house. Please promptly clean up and dispose of cigarette waste. There is a $500 fine if smoking took place in the house, or if the house smells of smoke upon your departure.
  • Please do not erect a tent, or other temporary structure on or about the premises. 
  • Welcome cyclists & skiers! We are bike & ski friendly, and our house has secure bicycle/ski storage downstairs inside the crawl space (which you can stand up in and walk around). Due to damage and cleaning issues, bicycles/skis are not allowed inside the living areas at out house. Please inquire with any questions are to where to properly store your bicycle/skis during your stay.
  • RVs, Motorhomes, and 5th Wheels may not be parked in the driveways or on the street.  There is a $250 per night fine if this condition is violated. 
  • Please keep members of your party and guests off of the deck railings. No climbing is allowed on the structures on and about the premises. Variable fines may be levied against renters by the homeowners or HOA for failures to abide by all HOA and property management rules and guidelines.
  • We will do our best to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, we cannot control the actions of the HOA or utility companies. No refunds will be issued due to internet outages, TV outages, or other factors outside of our control.
  • The Village of Ruidoso has rules & regulations that must be abided by they are included with the house manual which is located in the home. They include: quiet hours between 11:00 pm to 8:00 am. No ground fires, campfires, fire rings, or fire pits. Outside fires in Ruidoso are strictly prohibited. It is unlawful for anyone to discard a cigarette/cigar, match, or any other incendiary material. 
  • The garbage disposal is for use with small food items only. Putting large amounts of food into disposal will cause a clog or back up. Put food items into trash and empty the trash to the trash cans frequently. If the guest is found responsible for the clog or backup they will be the responsibility for the cost of repairs.
  • Please help keep our property nice! Any and all damages caused by your party will be billed to the primary guest on the reservation. Please leave the unit in the same condition as when you arrived. Your reservation fee provides for a standard departure clean. Additional cleaning will be taken from your deposit.
  • Parking is limited to three vehicles. 

Ruidoso Cabin Rental

Ruidoso Cabin Rental